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Photo of a Viking ship float in parade

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?当政府于1862年通过「宅地法」(Homestead Act)后,数以千计的人会接受此一提议。这项法令表示只要殖民愿意住在这片土地上并在此处进行开垦工作至少五年,政府就将这片位于中西部的160亩地免费提供给他们。这项法令是促使19世纪后半期,许多移民不辞遥远,愿意迁移至偏远西部和北部地区(如北达科他州)的原因之一。


北达科他州的居民喜欢庆祝他们多元化的种族遗产。举例说明,1999年,山镇(town of Mountain)为表彰镇内冰岛人的文化遗产,即举办了一场冰岛人的百年庆典。前来欢庆此一盛会的人逾10,000人,这些人来自于美国、加拿大及冰岛各地,甚至连冰岛的总统也前来参与此一庆典。庆典的游行行列中还包含了一艘维京船的复制品。

If the United States government offered you free land, would you take it? Thousands of people did when the government passed the Homestead Act in 1862. This act offered settlers 160 acres of free public land in the Midwest if they lived on and cultivated it for at least five years. This law was one of the reasons why so many immigrants moved as far west and north as North Dakota in the last half of the 19th century.

The immigrants who moved west came from many parts of Europe. Most of them were Norwegian and German, but they also came from such countries as Sweden, Ukraine, England, Finland, and Iceland. By 1915, 79 percent of all people living in North Dakota were either immigrants or the children of immigrants.

North Dakota residents like to celebrate their diverse ethnic heritage. For instance, in 1999, the town of Mountain honored its Icelandic cultural legacy by throwing its 100th Annual Celebration by Icelanders. More than 10,000 people from the United States, Canada, and Iceland, including the President of Iceland, came to celebrate. The festival's parade included a replica of a Viking ship.

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