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Panorama of Vicksburg, Mississippi

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您知道西西班牙南端的直布罗陀岩石吗?希腊人相信直布罗陀是赫克利斯石柱之一,因而没有人胆敢驶离它的范围。稍后,当英国人统治这个区域时,它成为英国海军力量的象征,又名「巨石」(the Rock)。内战时,密西西比州境内有一个城市,被称为「邦联的直布罗陀」,您知道是那一座城市吗?



Do you know about the Rock of Gibraltar at the southern tip of Spain? The Greeks believed that Gibraltar was one of the Pillars of Hercules and no one dared sail beyond it. Later, when it came under British control, it became known as a symbol of British naval strength and was known as "the Rock." During the Civil War, a city in Mississippi was called "The Gibraltar of the Confederacy;" do you know which one it was?

The mighty Mississippi River flows past the historic city of Vicksburg. Built on a strategic location halfway between Memphis and New Orleans, Vicksburg became an important stronghold during the Civil War. It was known as "The Gibraltar of the Confederacy" because the Battle of Vicksburg was one of the Civil War's longest and most important campaigns. The city's eventual surrender in 1863 gave Union forces control of the Mississippi River and divided the South.

The Mississippi River has played a large part in the development of Vicksburg. In an 1873 flood, the river changed course and destroyed what was left of the city after the Civil War. The Great Mississippi River Flood of 1927 also had devastating effects on the city. After both of these natural disasters, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers provided assistance to Vicksburg by building canals, levees and other structures to protect this river city.

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