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州内的皮纳布斯高族、帕萨马科迪族、米克马克族及马里细特族又名瓦班纳基族印地安人,或「黎明一族」(People of the Dawn)他们最为人所知的专长是,使用甜草的叶子及梣树的薄树皮(藤条)来编织篮子。这些印地安部落拥有相同的故事,内容讲述当造物主用闪电劈开梣树时,他们的祖先就从这些树中走出来 。所以,数千年来,他们使用梣树的薄树皮来编造篮子,提供给个人及社区使用。现在,许多人都将它当成美丽的艺术作品收藏。


加布里埃尔(Mary Mitchell Gabriel)是帕萨马科迪族的一员,她在编织篮子方面已经有60多年的经验,技艺早已炉火纯青、接近完美了 。藉由教导她的两个女儿,如何编织篮子,她努力保存这个重要的文化常规。通过缅因合作推广服务及缅因制篮联盟,她也将此技艺传授给他人。

The Penobscot, Passamaquoddy, Micmac, and Maliseet tribes of Maine are known as the Wabanaki Indians, or "People of the Dawn." They are known for their baskets that they weave with the leaves of sweet grass and thin strips of an ash tree (splints). These Indian tribes share a common story that tells how their ancestors emerged from an ash tree when the Creator split it with an arrow. So, for thousands of years, they have used ash splints to make baskets for both personal and community use. Today, many people collect them as beautiful works of art.

The baskets fall into two categories: work baskets, which are used for gathering, storing, and transporting goods, and fancy baskets, ones that are crafted for the public, with decorative designs. Intricate shapes and designs and bold colors are used to make woven handkerchief baskets, powder-puff holders, purses, vases, wastebaskets, thimble baskets, candy dishes, knitting baskets, cradles, and fans.

Mary Mitchell Gabriel, a member of the Passamaquoddy tribe, has spent more than 60 years perfecting the art of basket making. She is working to preserve this important cultural tradition by teaching her two daughters how to make the baskets. She is also teaching others through the Maine Cooperative Extension Service and the Maine Basketmakers Alliance.

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