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Photo of men in period clothing being thrown overboard
重新上演阙斯特城茶会事件时,被反叛的殖民地居民丢下船的Brigantine Geddes船员及他们的茶叶货品

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大部分人都听过波士顿茶会(Boston Tea Party),但您知道马里兰也曾发生过类似的茶会事件吗?

1773年时,英国议会通过了茶叶法令(Tea Act),其不但征收茶税,还规定只有特定人士有权力将茶叶输入美国殖民地。波士顿居民为表抗议,伪装成美国原住民,趁着夜色登上三艘船,并将船上的英国茶叶全数倒入波士顿海港。这件着名的抗议行动后来被称为波士顿茶会事件。英国方面的回应是关闭波士顿港口,直到殖民地的居民赔偿损毁的茶叶。

英国的举动激怒了其他殖民地的居民们,而马里兰阙斯特城市民的抗议方式是拒买、贩售或饮用英国茶。接着在17745月时,他们登上了一艘载有茶叶的英国船,并且将船上的茶叶丢入阙斯特河(Chester River)。然而不同于波士顿的茶会事件,阙斯特城的居民不但没有伪装自己的身份,还选择在白天进行此一抗议活动。每年五月所举办的阙斯特城茶会节,旨在纪念这些英勇市民的举动。活动内容包括了游行、长约10哩的赛跑、殖民时期的工艺品展示及不可或缺的阙斯特城茶叶事件重演!

Most people have heard of the Boston Tea Party, but did you know that Maryland had a similar "tea party?"

In 1773, the British Parliament passed the Tea Act, which taxed tea and restricted who was allowed to import tea into the American Colonies. Bostonians protested by boarding three ships in the night disguised as Native Americans and dumping the British tea into Boston Harbor. This famous protest became known as the Boston Tea Party. The British responded by closing the Port of Boston until the Colonists paid for the destroyed tea.

This angered many people in the other Colonies, and in Chestertown, Maryland, the citizens protested by deciding not to buy, sell, or drink British tea. Then, in May 1774, they boarded a British ship loaded with a cargo of tea and threw it into the Chester River. Unlike the Tea Party in Boston, the citizens of Chestertown made no attempt to disguise themselves and acted in broad daylight. Every May, the Chestertown Tea Party Festival is the site of a celebration remembering those brave citizens. There's a parade, a 10-mile run, Colonial crafts demonstrations, and of course, a re-enactment of the historic Chestertown Tea Party!

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