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Photo of a woman shucking an oyster
三届全国牡蛎去壳冠军萝丝史密斯(Ruth Smith)

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要为牡蛎去壳,您要先打开它的外壳,然后再将壳内的牡蛎挖出。每年十月,马里兰的李奥纳多镇(Leonardtown)会举办圣玛丽牡蛎节,旨在庆祝乞沙比克湾(Chesapeake Bay)的牡蛎产季开始。另外这个节庆也是为了表彰那些与水共存并以此维生的工人生活。

这个一连两天的庆祝活动总共会吃掉150,000多颗牡蛎。去壳工人会使用一把特制的刀去壳,而牡蛎节的其中一项活动即为全国牡蛎去壳竞赛(National Oyster Shucking Championship Contest)。全国各地的人们会前来观看谁能在最短的时间内,完美的剥下两打牡蛎。而一些曾于此项竞赛中获胜的得主会前去参加在爱尔兰戈尔韦(Galway)举办的国际牡蛎节(International Oyster Festival)。许多人喜欢吃生牡蛎,但对那些喜食熟食的人而言,他们可以参加全国牡蛎烹饪比赛(National Oyster Cook-Off)

Have you ever heard of oyster-shucking?

To shuck an oyster you open its shell and detach the oyster inside. Every October, the St. Mary's Oyster Festival in Leonardtown, Maryland, celebrates the opening of the oyster season on the Chesapeake Bay. The festival also recognizes the life of the people who work the waters for a living.

More than 150,000 oysters are eaten during the two-day festival. Shuckers use a special knife to do the job, and one of the events at the Festival is the National Oyster Shucking Championship Contest. People come from all over the country to see who can shuck two-dozen oysters the quickest and the best. Some past winners from this event have gone on to compete in the International Oyster Festival in Galway, Ireland. Many people like their oysters raw, but for those who prefer them cooked, there is a National Oyster Cook-Off.

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