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Artwork of 'Ghost' of a Confederate soldier entering Cockey's Tavern

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卡罗郡(Carroll County)的鬼魂之旅


每年,马里兰的卡罗郡公共图书馆(Public Library of Carroll County)都会主办鬼节!自1980年代早期起,图书馆就会举办卡罗郡的鬼魂之旅,参加此一活动的游客先到图书馆,以了解当地的鬼魂传说及景点。然后他们就会出发并漫游于威斯敏斯特镇(town of Westminster)的街道间,并自行前往这些令人毛骨悚然的景点一探究竟。真的有鬼魂在威斯敏斯特镇逗留吗?有些人如此相信。事实上,传说威斯敏斯特镇内的可奇酒馆(Cockey's Tavern)拥有自己的鬼魂,它是一位于盖茨堡战役(Battle of Gettysburg)中受伤的邦联士兵。故事传说这位士兵喜欢自己在吧台为自己酙酒、重新安置墙上图片的摆放位置,总而言之,他是个麻烦制造者。


Does your town play host to any ghosts?

Every year the Public Library of Carroll County, Maryland, is a ghost host! Since the early 1980s, the library has held the Carroll County Ghost Walk. At this event, visitors come to the library and learn about local ghost legends and sightings. Afterward, they head out into the streets to tour the town of Westminster and see the spooky spots for themselves. Is Westminster really haunted? Some people think so. In fact, Cockey's Tavern in Westminster is said to have its own ghost -- a confederate soldier who was wounded in the Battle of Gettysburg. Stories say that he likes to help himself at the bar, rearrange pictures on the wall, and, in general, be a troublemaker.

Over the years many strange and unexplained sightings have taken place in many other places in Carroll County. Come to the Carroll County Ghost Walk and see for yourself!

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