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Photo of Senator Wayne Morris with his bull at the fair
奥勒岗的参议员莫里斯(Wayne Morris)带着他名叫得文斯(Devons)的牛前来参加市集,他的农场座落于马里兰的普尔斯维尔(Poolesville)

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蒙哥马利郡(Montgomery County)农业中心/市集


1940年代的一项计画,原是打算让年轻一代的人有机会接触农业及家政技艺,但后来却变成东海岸(East Coast)最大的县市市集。这个由孩童所发起的蒙哥马利郡农业市集(Montgomery County Agricultural Fair)始于1949年,它原本只是一个为期一天的家畜秀,由郡内的四健会赞助举办。四健会是专为对农业有兴趣的年青人所创办的。这个市集提供了农夫一个彼此展示自己手中的最佳农场动物的机会,并且希望通过此市集来引起年青人对农业、园艺及家政技艺(如食物保存)的兴趣。


How much do you know about farm life? If your county or state has a fair, you can learn a lot about it there.

A 1940s project to get young people involved in agriculture and homemaking skills turned into one of the largest county fairs on the East Coast -- and it was started by kids. The first Montgomery County Agricultural Fair began as a one-day livestock show in 1949, sponsored by the county's 4-H Club, an organization for young people interested in farming. The fair was a way for farmers to show their best farm animals to each other and to get youth excited about farming, gardening, and homemaking skills such as preserving foods.

Over the years, the fair has become a way to get a peek into farm life, as fewer people are involved in farming. The Agricultural Center is a cluster of buildings built for the fair that are used all year long to host shows, exhibitions, and meetings. Today, the Montgomery County Agricultural Fair has grown into a weeklong event, involving more than 2,000 volunteers.

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