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装扮成班纳克的说故事人:史密斯(Robert Smith)

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班纳克(Benjamin Banneker)历史公园博物馆
您认识班哲明班纳克(Benjamin Banneker)吗?您知道他做了那些事吗?

当大部分的非裔美国人还是奴隶时,班纳克已经是一位自学的科学家。生为自由黑人的班纳克于1731年英国殖民时期(British Colony)的马里兰出生,曾受过一些正式的教育,但他大部分的科学及数学知识都是学自他借来的书本。22岁时,他向他人借来了一个怀表,在未经任何训练的下,他自己动手雕刻、制作了一个每小时报时一次的木制时钟 。他因为这个时钟而出名,人们会去拜访他,只为了观赏他的创造品。

班纳克经营家中农场多年,但在他的五十岁晚年时,邻居的儿子借了一幅望远镜给他,自此开启了他对天文学的兴趣;他开始研究行星及天体,并且再次自学一门新的科学领域 。他计算潮汐及太阳的起落时间,甚至预测日蚀的发生日期。连续几年的时间,他出版了一本载有上列计算公式的历书。时至今日,他因 出版了六本历书而闻名于世,而这六本出版于17921797年的历书 被称为「班纳克历书」(Benjamin Banneker's Almanac)

1790年代,班纳克也帮忙勘测及绘制华盛顿特区的土地,而华盛顿特区后来成为国家的首府 。若要一探班纳克的惊人生平,可造访位于马里兰埃立科特市(Ellicott City)的班纳克历史公园博物馆。

Do you know who Benjamin Banneker was and what he did?

Benjamin Banneker was a self-educated scientist at a time when most African Americans were slaves. Born a free black man in the British Colony of Maryland in 1731, he received some formal education, but he mostly borrowed books and taught himself science and mathematics. At 22, he borrowed a pocket watch, and without any training, figured out how to carve a working wooden clock that chimed each hour. Because of this clock, he became well known and people would visit him just to see his creation.

Banneker ran his family farm for many years, but when he was in his late 50s, a neighbor's son lent him a telescope. He became interested in astronomy, the study of the planets and stars, and again taught himself a new science. He made calculations of tides, sunrises and sunsets, and even predicted an eclipse. For several years he published an almanac of these calculations. Today, he is best known for publishing six almanacs, called "Benjamin Banneker's Almanac," between 1792 and 1797.

In the 1790s, Banneker also helped survey and lay out the land for Washington, D.C., which became the nation's capital. For a look at Banneker's amazing life, visit the Benjamin Banneker Historical Park & Museum in Ellicott, City, Maryland.

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