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您曾吃过NECCO威化饼吗?即使您吃过,您可能也不知道它们是非常结实的饼干!1930年代,前往南极的拜尔德(Admiral Byrd)随身带了2 1/2吨的NECCO威化饼,在他们停留南极的两年时间,他及他身边的人几乎每星期消耗掉一磅的威化饼。而在二次世界大战时,美国政府订购的食物中,由威化饼制成的食品占了绝大比例。因为这种饼干不会融化,而且它在运送时,几乎不会损坏,所以它是运送到海外军队的最佳食品。

创建于1847年的新英格兰糖果糕点公司(NECCO)是美国境内最古老且仍在营业中的糖果公司。NECCO的美味历史可回溯至19世纪中期,当时住在波士顿的却斯兄弟:奥利佛及丹尼尔(Oliver and Daniel Chase)发明并取得多项糖果制造机的专利。奥利佛发明了第一台的美国糖果机器:菱形切割器,而1850年时,他又发明了另一台可以将糖碾碎成粉的机器。

1866年,丹尼尔却斯发明了菱形印刷机器(Lozenge Printing Machine)并创造了「谈话糖果」(conversation candies),它马上受到全国民众的欢迎;您知道最着名的谈话糖果是什么吗?NECCO是美国境内第一家制造着名情人节印有浪漫字句及信息谈话的心型糖果的糖果公司,情人节谈话心型糖果的年产量约为80亿颗!

Have you ever eaten a NECCO wafer? Even if you have, you probably don't know that they are very tough! In the 1930s, Admiral Byrd took 2 1/2 tons of NECCO Wafers to the South Pole -- almost a pound a week for each of his men during their two-year stay in the Antarctic. During World War II, the U.S. government ordered a major portion of the production of the wafers. Since the candy doesn't melt and is "practically indestructible" during transit, it was the perfect food to ship overseas to the troops.

Established in 1847, the New England Confectionery Company (NECCO) is the oldest continuously operating candy company in the United States. NECCO's delicious beginnings date back to the mid-19th century, when brothers Oliver and Daniel Chase of Boston invented and patented many candy-making devices. Oliver invented a lozenge cutter, the first American candy machine, and in 1850, he invented a machine for crushing sugar into a dust.

In 1866, Daniel Chase invented the Lozenge Printing Machine, creating "conversation candies," which had instant and widespread popularity. Do you know what the most famous "conversation candies" are? NECCO is the number one maker in the United States of the famous Valentine conversation hearts with romantic words and messages stamped on them. About 8 billion a year are produced!

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