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Photo of Lindsborgers in Swedish folk dress

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座落于堪萨斯州北部中央的烟谷区(Smoky Valley),林兹堡社区建于1869年。迁住该区的瑞典移民,全为路德教派的信徒,一个他们无法在原有土地上,自由信奉的信仰,另外,他们也热爱音乐。早期,他们当中的许多人都是农夫,其他的林兹堡创建人还包括了工匠、教育家及音乐家。瑞典移民对各种文化事物都充满了狂热,一直到了现在,这样的生活态度仍显见于当地居民的身上,因而,林兹堡境内仍住有许多艺术家及音乐家。这个社区的现有人口约只有3,200人。即使到了现在,它仍是一个充满瑞典色彩的城市。


Do you know who founded your city or town?

Lindsborg is a city in north central Kansas that was founded by nearly 100 Swedish immigrants. Nicknamed "Little Sweden," this city honors Lindsborg's Swedish settlers and cultural contributions.

Nestled in the Smoky Valley region of north central Kansas, the community of Lindsborg was settled in 1869. The Swedish immigrants who moved there were all followers of the Lutheran faith, which they could not practice freely in their native land, and they also had a great love of music. In the early days many of them were farmers. Other Lindsborg founders were craftsmen, educators and musicians. The Swedish immigrants had a passion for all things cultural, and that attitude still exists today. A large number of artists and musicians still live in Lindsborg, a community of approximately 3,200. Even now, the city has a Swedish character.

Are there any ethnic characteristics in your community that you can trace to the area's beginnings?

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