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Photo of battle re-enactment
游行:温森斯会合纪念日时,排列在GRC国家公园内的乔治罗杰兹克拉克纪念馆前(George Rogers Clark Memorial)等待校阅的西北地区盟军,印地安纳州的温森斯

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温森斯会合纪念日(Spirit of Vincennes Rendezvous)

只要占领塞克维尔堡(Fort Sackville),战争即告终结。负责带领殖民地军队的人是陆军上校乔治罗杰兹克拉克(George Rogers Clark),他是探险家威廉克拉克(William Clark)的哥哥。克拉克只仰赖两件事物即取得此次的胜利,其一是军队的精湛枪法,其二是典型的军方虚张声势战术。克拉克的军队是由200名身穿鹿皮衣的拓荒者所组成,但他及他的士兵所举起的旗子却足足多达600面!因为相信自己被如此多的军队包围,绝对无法以寡敌众,所以英军亨利汉米敦上尉(Henry Hamilton)决定弃堡投降。假如汉米敦识破克拉克的技俩,则战争结果将完全改写。


Have you ever called someone's bluff? That's when you see if a person meant what he or she said or was just pretending. During the Revolutionary War, the Colonists often had to bluff their way to victory. That's what happened in 1779 in Vincennes, Indiana.

The battle was over the capture of Fort Sackville. Lieutenant Colonel George Rogers Clark, the elder brother of explorer William Clark, led the Colonial forces. Clark relied on two things. First, he counted on his troops' expert marksmanship. Second, he used a classic military bluff. Clark had only 200 buckskin-clad pioneers as troops, but he had his men raise enough flags for 600! Believing himself overwhelmed by so many troops, British Lieutenant Governor Henry Hamilton surrendered the fort. If Hamilton had called Clark's bluff things might have turned out differently.

The Spirit of Vincennes Rendezvous is a Revolutionary War battle re-enactment held annually on Memorial Day weekend. The event celebrates the capture of Fort Sackville in 1779. Today, participants of the Vincennes Rendezvous include artisans, strolling musicians, and re-enactors portraying soldiers and camp followers. Revolution-era food is served, such as buffalo burgers, turkey legs, and homemade pies.

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