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Photo of 3rd grade class at Brown Elementary School with quilt
Jill Taylor's third grade class at Brown Elementary School, Brownsburg, Indiana, with their quilt featuring rural Indiana landscapes

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从绿宝石岛(Emerald Isle)到小爱尔兰(Little Ireland):布朗斯堡(Brownsburg)的农业常规


在印地安纳州的布朗斯堡,泰勒(Jill Taylor)所带领的三年级生决定进行口述历史计划;这些孩子们列出一系列的问题列表,而他们的访谈对象则是小爱尔兰当地的农夫,这个地区的居民多为1800年代中期时,来自于爱尔兰的外来移民;另外,学生也会拍照。访谈退出后,学生必须呈交学习报告、挑选照片、绘制印地安纳州的乡村景色及亲手缝制一条用来纪念农业常规的棉被。泰勒太太的计画非常的成功,她也因此获颁印地安纳州年度教师的亚军奬项。


Have you ever conducted an oral interview? An oral interview documents history by asking someone questions about his or her experiences in order to learn what life was like through that person's eyes. Do you know anyone whom you'd like to interview? There are probably many people you know who could tell you a lot about your community -- your parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents or almost anyone who is a few years older than you.

In Brownsburg, Indiana, Jill Taylor's third-grade class created an oral history project. The children made a list of interview questions for the farmers of Little Ireland, an area settled by Irish immigrants in the mid-1800s. They also took photographs. After conducting the interviews, the children wrote a report on what they learned, selected the photographs, painted a rural Indiana landscape, and hand-stitched a quilt that commemorates the legacy of farming. Mrs. Taylor's project was such a success that she was named runner-up for Indiana Teacher of the Year.

Next time you have to do a project on something, try and think of someone you can interview. That way you will learn first-hand about the subject.

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