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Photo of Central State and Alabama State football players on the field
中央州立大学(Central State University) 与阿拉巴马州立大学(Alabama State University) 1992年的可口可乐校区比赛

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可口可乐校区比赛(Coca-Cola Circle City Classic)

可乐跟大学足球有什么关系?自1984年以来,印地安纳州的印地安纳波里每年都会为了颂扬境内的非裔美国人,举办可口可乐校区比赛。可口可乐校区比赛是一场足球赛,参赛队伍则是各个富有历史渊源的黑人学院。而球赛所得则会捐给印地安纳州的黑人博览学术计划(Black Expo Scholarship Program),这个基金会专门提供奬学金给那些有心向学的年青人。



What does Coke have to do with college football? Well, every year since 1984, Indianapolis, Indiana, has celebrated its African American community with the Coca-Cola Circle City Classic, a football game between teams from historically black colleges. The profits from the game go to the Indiana Black Expo Scholarship Program, a fund that gives money to young people for school.

What's a historically black college? It is a college that was established in the United States at a time when African Americans were not allowed to attend college with white students. These institutions of higher learning still exist today, providing Americans of all backgrounds with a college education.

The Indianapolis Black Alumni Council also holds a college fair along with this football game. The fair gives students and parents an opportunity to visit with officials from more than 50 colleges and universities. The events demonstrate African American economic strength and show the importance of education, while awarding annual scholarships with the proceeds of the football game.

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