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The Sawtooth Mountains of Idaho


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爱达荷因其自然美景及高低起伏的风景而闻名。州内的索图斯岭(Sawtooth Mountains)是洛矶山脉(Rocky Mountains)的一部分,而这些山脉内的好几个山峰都超过海拔高度10,000英尺。爱达荷境内的另一个自然奇景是蛇河(Snake River),这条河的弧度极大并在流经的区域划下了广大的溪谷。

蛇河也在地表刻出峡谷,如:北美洲最深的峡谷,深约7,900英尺的地岳谷(Hell's Canyon)爱达荷境内高低不平的大地上,住有各式各样的野生生物,如:驼鹿、大角羊、山羊、北美麋、黑熊、美洲狮及羚羊。而体型较小的动物则包括了海狸、河獭、红尾鹰、金鹰及秃鹰。您知道地岳谷的名字由来吗?


A gorge is a narrow, steep-walled canyon. And the deepest gorge in North America is in Idaho. Do you know about it?

Idaho is well known for its natural beauty and rugged landscape. The state's Sawtooth Mountains are a part of the Rocky Mountains, and several peaks in these mountains exceed an elevation of 10,000 feet. Another of Idaho's natural wonders is the Snake River. This river flows in a great arc and has created extensive valleys throughout its run.

The Snake River has also made gorges, such as Hell's Canyon, which, at 7,900 feet, is North America's deepest gorge. Various wildlife inhabit the rugged landscape of Idaho, including elk, bighorn sheep, mountain goats, moose, black bear, cougar, and antelope. Smaller animals include beaver, river otter, red-tailed hawks, and golden and bald eagles. Do you know how the canyon got its name?

If you guessed that the name refers to the canyon's depth, you were wrong. The name comes from the fact that a wild journey is in store for any boat that travels the river!

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