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Photo of kids in Dutch costumes
身穿荷兰民俗服饰的杰克(Jake)及莎曼珊(Samantha Wassenaar)


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培拉镇的创办人:商岱(Hendrik Pieter Scholte),出生于1805年荷兰的阿姆斯丹他是一位神职人员,于1840年代晚期,为追寻宗教自由,与他的妻子、三个女儿及800位追随者一起移民来美,在此创建他们的「避难城市」(City of Refuge)。他们迁徙至乡村地区,因情况所需,商岱成为一位全才人员。他规划该镇的发展计画、为街道取名并创建一座临时教堂他负责所有的法律事务、兴建石灰及砖块窑子及一间锯木厂、开办银行、创办报纸并身任驿站长及土地代理商,对一位本来就很忙的牧师来说,这些是负荷量很大的额外工作!如您所见,郁金香只是商岱及其跟随者,带来培拉镇的一部分荷兰文化。

Many of the people who founded Iowa were from the Netherlands. Can you think of something the Netherlands is famous for that people might have brought with them? Hint: it's a type of flower.

If you answered "tulips," you would be right. You'd also be right to guess that Iowa still loves this springtime flower. So much so that the state holds a three-day Tulip Festival in the city of Pella to remember the sacrifices of the town's Dutch founding fathers.

Hendrik Pieter Scholte, born in 1805 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, was the founder of Pella. Scholte was a minister who immigrated with his wife, three daughters and a following of 800 people to build their "City of Refuge" in America in the late 1840s. They came to seek religious freedom. They moved to a rural area and by necessity Scholte became a jack-of-all-trades. He laid out a plan for the town, chose names for the streets, and built a "make-do" church. He took care of legal affairs, started a lime and brick kiln and a sawmill, opened a bank, established a newspaper, and became the postmaster and the land agent. That's a lot of extra work for an already busy preacher! As you can tell, tulips were just one part of Dutch culture that Scholte and his followers brought with them to Pella.

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