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来自第蒙市的茹丝达德(Bayley Rustad),她正在学习爱荷华州的农村生活点滴,爱荷华州博览会上的猪舍,1999817


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1854年以来,来自该州各个角落的人会集聚第蒙(Des Moines),以参加一年一度的爱荷华州博览会。这个博览会是爱荷华州规模最大的集会,每年都吸引爱荷华州及中西部各州,将近1百万位游客前来共襄盛举。博览会的主要目的是为了表彰爱荷华州的立州大业:农业。现场会举办家畜秀,包括乳品及牛肉、羊、猪、马及家禽展示会。另外,这个博览会也提供了一个场地给农民聚会,讨论新作物、设备及成就。会场也提供新生动物给参观来宾触摸抱抱。


Iowa is a state of farms. It is one of the leading producers of food in America, and its annual state fair celebrates Iowa's important contributions to the nation's well being.

Since 1854, people from every corner of the state have flocked to Des Moines for the annual Iowa State Fair. The fair is the state's largest event, attracting nearly 1 million visitors a year -- not only from Iowa but also from all over the Midwest. The fair's primary purpose is to celebrate Iowa's livelihood -- farming. There are livestock shows, including exhibitions of dairy and beef cattle, sheep, hogs, horses and poultry. The fair also provides a place for farmers to meet and discuss innovations, equipment, and successes. There is also a place where visitors can hold the baby animals.

In addition to animals there are many other activities at the fair. Some people show off their cooking skills or compete in a talent show. In the cultural center, the fair hosts the state's largest arts show, featuring photography, sculpture, and painting.

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