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Photo of young hula dancers performing on the grass
Leina 'ala Kalama Heine负责教导,来自于Na Pualei o Likolehua草裙舞学校的学生,1999717


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罗特王子(Prince Lot)草裙舞节庆


曾有一段时间,人们对草裙舞不再感兴趣,但罗特王子(Prince Lot Kapu`aiwa)却努力的保存草裙舞,使其不至于失传。猜猜看他是如何办到的?这位后来续位成为夏威夷国王的王子(即卡美哈美哈五世,在位期间为1863年至1872)向以其精力及坚定意志着名。提升及保存夏威夷文化即为他其中一项兴趣,特别是对草裙舞尤其感兴趣。藉由他位于茂纳鲁亚(Moanalua)别墅所举办的草裙舞表演,草裙舞得以流传下来。对许多人来说,草裙舞代表了夏威夷人的世界观。

为了表彰罗特王子在保存夏威夷文化上的贡献,自1978年起,夏威夷开始举办罗特王子草裙舞节庆。每年都有na halau (草裙舞学校)前来火奴鲁鲁的茂纳鲁亚花园(Moanalua Gardens)表演草裙舞。这个节庆也包括了其他的夏威夷活动及展览会,如:手缝拼布、现场示范如何用叶子编织帽子及篮子、乐器及 lei制造过程(lei就是花环)

Did you know that you can tell stories with a dance? That's what the kids in the photo are doing when they do the hula, a traditional dance of Hawaii. The hula combines flowing movement with facial expressions, all set to special chants and music. When hula began it was a form of worship.

Prince Lot Kapu`aiwa kept the hula alive in Hawaii at a time when interest in it was fading. Can you guess how he did it? The prince, who later became Kamehameha V, King of Hawaii from 1863 to 1872, was noted for his energy and strength of will. One of his interests was to promote and preserve Hawaiian culture, especially the hula. He did this by holding hula performances at his cottage in Moanalua. To many, the hula represents Hawaiians' view of the world.

In appreciation of Prince Lot's efforts to preserve Hawaiian culture, the Prince Lot Hula Festival was established in 1978. Each year na halau (hula schools) come to the festival to perform at Moanalua Gardens in Honolulu. This festival also includes other Hawaiian activities and exhibits such as hand-stitched quilts, leaf-weaving demonstrations to make hats and baskets, instrument-making and lei-making (a lei is a necklace of flowers).

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