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Photo of the festival on the street
达洛尼加 (Dahlonega) 的淘金日1999

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淘金日/ 世界公开淘金赛

(California Gold Rush) ,但您知道乔治亚也曾有过淘金热吗?

年时曾于达洛尼加 (Dahlonega) 当地发现金矿;达洛尼加座落于乔治亚的北部山区,它是联合金矿 (Consolidated Gold Mine) 的发源地,20世纪刚开始时,据传这座金矿是密西西比河 (Mississippi River) 以东最大且仍在开采的金矿;1901年的大扫除时,曾在这座矿坑内查找54磅的黄金。

每年十月,达洛尼加 (源自于一个印地安字:
talonaga,意即「珍贵的金属」) 会举办一连两天的庆祝大会,旨在欢庆第一次的 大规模淘金热,这个庆祝大会已经成为该区最盛大的事件之一;庆祝大会的活动之一为世界公开淘金赛,这项活动始于1961年的加州,旨在纪念洛杉矶郡 (Los Angeles County) 于1842年发现金矿;这个竞赛项目于1980年代晚期移至达洛尼加的联合金矿,赢家是能在最短时间内,自装满砂子的选矿锅内淘选出八块金块的人;您认为您要花多久时间才能将金块淘选出来?

You've probably heard of the California Gold Rush of 1848. But did you know there was also a gold rush in Georgia?

Gold was discovered in Dahlonega, Georgia, in 1828. Nestled in the mountains of northern Georgia, Dahlonega is home to the Consolidated Gold Mine. At the turn of the 20th century, the mine was reportedly the largest gold mining operation east of the Mississippi River. In 1901, during a cleanup, 54 pounds of gold were recovered from it.

Each October, Dahlonega, which comes from the Indian word "talonaga," meaning "precious metal," celebrates the first big gold rush with a two-day festival that has grown into one of the biggest events in the area. Part of this festival, called the World Open Gold Panning Championship, began in California in 1961 to remember the 1842 discovery of gold in Los Angeles County. This festival moved to the Consolidated Gold Mine in Dahlonega in the late 1980s. The Championship includes a contest in which the winner is the fastest person to pan eight nuggets of gold from a full pan of sand. How long do you think it would take you to pan gold nuggets?

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