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Osceola, leader of the Seminoles

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塞米诺族印地安人(Seminole Indian)奥西奥拉的故事并不是众所皆知的。他为留在佛罗里达州的英勇抗争,甚至反抗美国政府的事迹被后人完整的记录下来。1830年代,与美国政府进行第二次的塞米诺之战时,奥西奥拉是塞米诺族印地安人的领袖之一。虽然奥西奥拉出生于阿拉巴马州,他及他的克里族籍的母亲后来搬至佛罗里达州,这也是塞米诺族印地安人的家乡。当白人移民开始迁入佛罗里达州后,他们希望塞米诺族印地安人能搬迁到密西西比河以西的印地安人领地。奥西奥拉带领一群塞米诺族印地安人反对迁移。然而,其他的塞米诺族印地安人却选择搬迁,而不愿战斗。

藉着使用白人不熟知的战术,再加上大沼泽地(Everglades)的掩护,有一段时间,奥西奥拉及一些塞米诺族印地安人成功的抵抗美国政府要将他们移出佛罗里达的计划。然而,在奥西奥拉被捕并于1838年死于南卡罗莱纳州的莫尔特里堡(Fort Moultrie)后,塞米诺族印地安人被迫离开他们的家乡。

The story of Osceola, a Seminole Indian, may not be well known, but his brave attempts to remain in Florida and fight the U.S. government are well documented. Osceola was one of the leaders of the Seminole Indians during the Second Seminole War with the United States in the 1830s. Although originally from Alabama, Osceola and his Creek Indian mother moved to Florida, which was the homeland of the Seminole Indians. When white settlers began moving into the state, they wanted the Seminoles to move to Indian territories west of the Mississippi River. Osceola led a group of Seminoles opposed to relocation. Other Seminoles, however, chose to move rather than fight.

By using tactics unfamiliar to the white settlers and by hiding in the Everglades, Osceola and some of the Seminoles were successfully able to resist the United States government's attempts to remove them from Florida for a time. It was not until the capture of Osceola and his death in 1838 at Fort Moultrie in South Carolina that the Seminoles were forced from their homeland.

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