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Photo of Myth and Dream Expo Exhibit

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另外,这个展览也有自己的网址,网络上列出了一些大家众所皆知的佛罗里达居民。其中一个您可能听过的人是左拉赫斯顿(Zora Neale Hurston),她是一位人类学者及作家。赫斯顿于1903年出生在美国境内第一座全为黑人的城镇伊顿维尔(Eatonville)长大后出版过故事书、小说、剧本、民间传说及自传。自1927年开始,赫斯顿带着一台相机四处旅行,探索佛罗里达州、阿拉巴马州、路易斯安那州及密西西比州的民间传说。她访问许多人,收集了数以百计的民间传说,大部分都尚未出版。而这些传说则被形容为「一窥人类生活的文化窗口」。稍后,她又动身前往牙买加、百慕达群岛、宏都拉斯及海地,继续她的探究行程;在这些地方,她知道了许多在地的加勒比习俗。您会想要挑选一个地方,然后学习当地的文化吗?

The state of Florida is a melting pot of many different cultures. One of the strongest influences in Florida comes from the Caribbean. It is so strong that a museum exhibit has even been created called "Myths and Dreams." It shows some of the effects the Caribbean has had on Florida and how Florida has affected the Caribbean.

The exhibit also has an Internet site that features some well-known Floridians. One that you might have heard of is Zora Neale Hurston, an anthropologist and a writer. Hurston was born in 1903 in Eatonville, Florida, the first incorporated all black town in the United States, and she grew up to write stories, novels, plays, folklore and an autobiography. In 1927, Hurston began traveling around with a camera to explore the folk tales of Florida, Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi. She talked to many people and gathered hundreds of folk tales, most still unpublished. The tales have been described as a "cultural window into how people lived." Later she went on to explore Jamaica, Bermuda, Honduras and Haiti, where she learned about local Caribbean customs. How would you like to pick a place and learn about its culture?

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