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Photo of children on stage in costume holding busts of Edison

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佛罗里达州的麦尔兹堡(Fort Myers)居民自19382月以来,每年都会在托马斯爱迪生的生日当天举办庆祝活动。因健康因素,爱迪生与他的妻子:米娜(Mina)一起搬到麦尔兹堡,在明亮、温暖的阳光及湛蓝的天空下,爱迪生很快就恢复健康了。他十分喜欢麦尔兹堡,因此决定要留在当地,并于1887年时,在此处建了一座实验室。每年,他都会为自己举办生日派对,而如费尔斯通(Harvey Firestone)及福特(Henry Ford)等重要贵宾都会到场祝贺。

时至今日,爱迪生的诞辰庆祝大会是一个连举三天的庆祝活动,活动内容包括了一场盛大的舞台剧,而舞台剧的重点在于,杜撰的爱迪生王国的国王及皇后的加冕典礼。爱迪生的生日派对也包含了许多乐团及花车、宝贝游行(Baby Parade)、烟火表演、体育场展览、花展、手工艺秀、高尔夫及网球锦标赛、专业的方块舞及音乐表演。


Do you know what the kids in the photo are doing? They are holding busts of Thomas Edison for a performance in the Edison Pageant of Light.

The people in Fort Myers, Florida, have been celebrating Thomas Edison's birthday since February 1938. Edison moved to Fort Myers with his wife, Mina, for health reasons. In the bright, warm sunshine and under big blue skies, Edison's health was restored. He liked Fort Myers so much that he stayed and built a laboratory there in 1887. Every year he threw himself a birthday party, and important guests like Harvey Firestone and Henry Ford would attend.

Today, Edison's birthday is celebrated as a three-day event that includes a royal pageant with the highlight being the crowning of a king and queen of the mythical realm of Edisonia. Edison's birthday party also includes many bands and floats, a Baby Parade, fireworks, stadium show, a flower show, arts and crafts show, golf and tennis tournaments, professional square dancing and musical performances.

Now that's a big birthday party! But most people would agree that someone who invented the incandescent light bulb, the phonograph, the motion picture camera, and 1,000 other inventions deserves to be honored in this way!

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