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Photo of pastor in the procession
帕多瓦的圣安东尼教堂的牧师:马克(Mark Hushen)神父,正在收集行进队伍的捐献



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寻回?当下次又发生一样的情况时,您也许可以试着请求圣安东尼的帮忙;对义大利的天主教徒来说,帕多瓦的圣安东尼是遗失物品的守护天使,只要忠诚的向衪祈祷并 期望能够查找所遗失的物品。

11位圣徒;这个一年一度的宗教 游行,在2000年时欢渡了它的75周年庆,它是这些义裔美人用来提醒他们的义大利常规及信仰的庆典。常规来说,这种用来颂赞在地守謢天使的节庆,会在义大利各城镇举行;1925年,威明顿市境内的一座教堂,召集了一列用来表彰圣安东尼的行进队伍,随着时间的过去,这个节庆活动渐渐扩大并添加了其他11位圣徒,也成为一个为期八天的庆典。


Have you ever lost something and really wanted to find it? Next time that happens, you might try asking St. Anthony for help. For Italian Catholics, St. Anthony of Padua is the patron saint of lost things. The faithful pray to him and hope that whatever they have lost will be found.

The Italian American people of Wilmington, Delaware, celebrate St. Anthony and 11 other saints with the St. Anthony of Padua Feast Day Procession. This annual religious procession, which celebrated its 75th anniversary in 2000, is a reminder of their Italian heritage and faith. Traditionally, such festivals were held in Italian towns celebrating the local patron saint. In 1925, a church in Wilmington held a procession to honor St. Anthony. Over the years, the festival expanded to include 11 other saints and has become an eight- day celebration.

In the procession, statues of all 12 saints are paraded through the streets, joined by religious leaders, government officials, people dressed in Italian folk costumes, bands, and others.

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