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Piloptochos协会的希腊妇女团体所发起。这样看来,它与其他众多 活动无异,但最大的惊喜在于希腊酥皮点心最吸引大众,因此在下一年,他们在市集中添加了更多的希腊食物;很快地,食物就成为这个市集中的主要吸引人之部份!

这个市集主办单位,决定要将这个聚会改到春天,并将它改为一个庆祝活动,焦点则放在希腊食物、舞蹈及文化;现场身穿希腊民族服饰的当地舞者,使得这个节庆感受起来就像是一个真正的希腊村落庆典。也许有天,您能够参加希腊节日,然后您将会说出「Diaskeda'same Poli'!(意即玩得真尽兴!)。

Do you like to try food from other cultures?

A great place to try new foods is at fairs or festivals. The Holy Trinity Greek Festival in Wilmington, Delaware, is held over four days each June. The festival began as a Christmas bazaar by the Piloptochos Society, a Greek women's organization, to sell crafts and gifts. In this way it was similar to many other events, but the one big surprise was that the Greek pastries were the most popular attraction. So, the next year they added more Greek food to the bazaar. Soon the food was the main attraction!

The organizers decided to move the event to the springtime and turned it into a festival with the focus on Greek food, dancing, and culture. The event has the feel of an authentic Greek village festival with performances by local dancers dressed up in Greek regional costumes. Maybe you can go to a Greek festival someday and you will be able to say, "Diaskeda'same Poli'!" (We had a lot of fun).

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