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graphic of map, flag and images of Washington, D.C.

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虽然纽约市及费城都曾任短暂的美国首府,但于1790年,国会选定哥伦比亚特区为永远的美国首府。乔治华盛顿也有帮忙挑选城市的位置。位于波多马克河 (Potomac River) 的华盛顿特区,开拓之初的建地是取自马里兰州及弗吉尼亚州的部分土地(位在河流南部的土地,也在1846年时,归还给弗吉尼亚州了)

在法国出生的美国工程师、建筑师及郊区设计师:朗方 (Pierre-Charles L'Enfant) 规划了该市的基本蓝图,宽敞的大道以国会大厦所在的建筑物为中心,呈星状向外射出,而周围的街道则呈棋盘状,其间有着一些圆环及公园。哥伦比亚特区这个名字是为了表彰哥伦布 (Christopher Columbus) ,而着名的华盛顿特区,则是为了彰显美国的第一任总统。虽然国会大厦的第一期建设工程直到1826年才完工,国会的首次会议已于1800年在华盛顿召开。今日,华盛顿每年都涌入数以百万计的人来一睹国会大厦、白宫、国会图书馆及市内的许多博物馆及纪念 堂的风采。代表它的花朵是素有美国美人之称的玫瑰。

Although New York City and Philadelphia each served briefly as the capital of the United States, in 1790, Congress chose the District of Columbia as the permanent seat of government. George Washington helped select the site for the city. Situated on the Potomac River, Washington, D.C., was originally carved out of land transferred from Maryland and Virginia (Virginia's portion south of the river was returned to that state in 1846).

French-born American engineer, architect, and urban designer Pierre-Charles L'Enfant designed the city's basic plan, which features wide avenues radiating from the Capitol building through a grid of streets with numerous circles and parks. The name District of Columbia honors Christopher Columbus, and the city's better-known name of Washington, honors the first president. Congress first met in Washington in 1800, although construction of the first phase of the Capitol was not completed until 1826. Today, millions come to Washington, D.C. each year to see the Capitol, the White House, the Library of Congress, and the city's many museums and monuments. The flower is the American beauty rose.

The Jefferson Memorial and blooming cherry trees on the Tidal Basin in Washington, D.C.
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