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为了推广李特顿市,李特顿独立报的长期编者,豪斯顿威灵(Houstoun Waring)1929年创办了西部欢迎周。他的主意是以返乡的名义来庆祝李特顿市的创建人理查力透(Richard S. Little)100岁生日。原本的返乡节是订在力透1929512日的生日,但当有人指出铁路票会在八月降价,而自远方归家的人们就不需花费太多的钱在交通上时,他们就决定将日期改到八月,也就是现今节庆的举办月。

Whether or not the clown in the picture lives in Littleton, Colorado, or is just visiting, he will always be welcome there. That's because if you have ever lived in or visited Littleton you are invited every year to come back for a "homecoming."

The people of Littleton like their community so much they have a big party each year that they call Western Welcome Week. About 1,200 volunteers help organize a circus, parade, fireworks, and more for families and the community to enjoy during this 10-day event.

Houstoun Waring, the longtime editor of the Littleton Independent, founded Western Welcome Week in 1929 as a way to promote the city. His idea was to celebrate the 100th birthday of city founder Richard S. Little with a "Homecoming." Originally Homecoming was set for May 12, 1929, Little's birthday, but when it was pointed out that railroad rates dropped in August and people could come from far away for less money, they changed the date to August, which is when the event is held today.

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