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您曾问过您的祖父母或其他的老人,当他们年青时,世界是什么样子?位于加州北方,就读于安德森河谷中学及高中 (Anderson Valley Junior and Senior High School)的学生询问了为数不少的在地老人关于他们生活的相关问题,而且创作了一本名为「河谷之声:安德森河谷老者的故事,由安德森河谷少者所编集」 (Voices of the Valley: Stories of Anderson Valley Elders Collected by Anderson Valley Youth)的书。



Have you ever asked your grandparents or an older person what the world was like when they were younger? Students from Anderson Valley Junior and Senior High School in northern California asked a number of elderly folks from the valley questions about their lives and created a book titled Voices of the Valley: Stories of Anderson Valley Elders Collected by Anderson Valley Youth.

The students selected elders with stories to tell about life in their rural community. They set up interviews and recorded them. The result of this process is called an oral history project. During the project, the students became historians and gained a greater understanding of the senior citizens in their community and of their own local heritage.

Why not try your own oral history project? You could start with your parents or grandparents. Try to find out how their lives were different from yours. You just might be surprised with what you find.

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