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站在一旁等待,准备上台表演墨西哥民俗舞蹈的冠塔 (
Kathy Cota)舞者, 19918


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圣塔巴巴拉市 (Santa Barbara)的旧西班牙日


您曾参加过货真价实的节庆吗?圣塔巴巴拉市会于每年八月的旧西班牙日庆典中欢庆它的墨西哥根源。这项社区庆祝活动始于1924年,庆祝圣塔巴巴拉市历史中的场时期(Rancho Period ,1830-1865) 这段时期内的圣塔巴巴拉市受墨西哥(1822-1848)及美国(1848+)统治。在那时候,圣塔巴巴拉市也是一个深受西班牙、墨西哥及在地Chumash印地安文化影响的遥远乡村地区。

Rancho意指牛牧场,而这些牛牧场则是由墨西哥总督将加州境内大批土地分发给那些有影响力的人们。牧场主人也许会为他的牧场雇用多至100名的工人。而这些工人通常都是曾于天主教慈善机构内受训过的Chumash印地安人。这些被称为vaqueros的印地安工人通常跟着一个被称做为mayordomo (念做my-or-DOE-moe)的工头一起工作,而其他人则分别为马具工、制革工人及木匠。

在圣塔巴巴拉市所举办的旧西班牙日节庆上,当地居民会以音乐、舞蹈及备有常规加州墨西哥食物的户外市集来庆祝加州场时期常规, 送花女童会分发数以百计的花朵,另外还有连续举办四天的牛仔竞技活动。

Have you ever been to a real, authentic fiesta? Every year in August, the city of Santa Barbara celebrates its Mexican roots with the Old Spanish Days Fiesta. This community festival, first held in 1924, celebrates the Rancho Period (1830-1865) of Santa Barbara's history. This period spanned the time when Santa Barbara was under both Mexican (1822-1848) and American rule (1848+). At the time, Santa Barbara was a remote rural area under the influence of Spanish, Mexican, and local Chumash Indian cultures.

The name "rancho" refers to the cattle ranches (ranchos) that were established when the Mexican governor distributed large areas of California land to people of influence. The rancheros (ranch owners) might hire as many as 100 workers to work on the ranchos. Usually the workers were Chumash Indians who had been trained at the Catholic missions. The Indians worked as vaqueros, usually with a foreman called a mayordomo (pronounced my-or-DOE-moe). Others worked as harness makers, tanners and carpenters.

Santa Barbara celebrates the traditions of the California Rancho Period at the Old Spanish Days Fiesta with music and dancing, open-air marketplaces with traditional California-Mexican foods, flower girls who hand out hundreds of flowers, and four days of rodeo events.

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