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索拉诺 (Solano)大道巡回

索拉诺大道的周围是一个熙来攘往的街坊,街上充斥了店家及餐厅,而镇上的年度庆祝活动是旧金山东湾地区 (San Francisco East Bay) 最大也最古老的免费街头集市;每年九月的第二个星期日,索拉诺大道巡回于连接奥尔班尼 (Albany) 及柏克莱 (Berkeley) 两城市的林荫大道上举行。

在成为繁忙的购物区前,索拉诺大道是一个专为铁路乘客提供服务的地方。1893年时,南太平洋铁路 (Southern Pacific Railway)所设的火车连接了柏克莱的千橡 (Thousand Oaks)与奥克兰 (Oakland)两地,也因而开启了两地的通路;1903年,核心系统公司 (Key System)开始沿着索拉诺大道设置电车。

一开始的索拉诺大道巡回只是奥尔班尼的退伍军人纪念公园 (Veteran's Memorial Park)内,一个由狮子会 (Lion's Club)所主办的户外松饼早餐会。然后游行开始成形,到后来这个巡回于索拉诺大道上的游行渐渐成为该社区的年度大事,而游行的行列则包括了花车、马匹、童子军、森巴舞舞团、艺术车辆及其他项目。不久,两边的街道封锁并隔出了一个内含游戏站及服务台的街区派对,这个派对是由150多个组织及将近100种跨文化餐厅及食物摊贩所共同主办,他们提供附近邻居、老朋友及家人一个享受夏日午后的有趣方法。

Solano Avenue is a bustling neighborhood of shops and restaurants. The town holds an annual celebration hosting the largest and oldest free street fair in the San Francisco East Bay area. The Solano Avenue Stroll takes place on the second Sunday in September every year on the tree-lined boulevard spanning two cities -- Albany and Berkeley.

Before Solano was a busy shopping district, it was a place that provided passenger service for the railway trains. In 1893, the Southern Pacific Railway brought trains in to connect Thousand Oaks in Berkeley with Oakland and the ferry depots. In 1903, the Key System ran trolley tracks the length of Solano Avenue.

The Solano Avenue Stroll starts with a pancake breakfast outdoors in Veteran's Memorial Park in Albany hosted by the Lion's Club. Then a parade, which has become a highlight of the year for the community, consisting of floats, horses, scouts, samba bands, art cars and more, marches from the top to the bottom of Solano Avenue. Later, with the street closed to traffic, a block party consisting of game and information booths hosted by more than 150 organizations and nearly 100 kinds of cross-cultural restaurants and food booths, provides neighbors, old friends, and families with a fun way to enjoy an afternoon in the sun.

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