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Screenshot from film of San Francisco after the earthquake of 1906


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1906418日时,加州的旧金山遇到了北美洲有史以来的最强地震。自奥勒岗 (Oregon)的南部,至洛杉矶,东边一直到内华达 (Nevada)的中部地区。当地的居民都可以感受到地面的强烈摇动。这个地震所形成的地球表面裂缝长约290哩,这个地震及其随后发生的大火损毁了大部分的旧金山市。估计约有28,000栋建筑物受损,市内近一半的人口无家可归,并有3,000多人死亡。直到19891017日,旧金山才又发生了另一场大地震,您听过这个地震吗?1989年的地震所造成的损害并不严重,因为工程师们自1906年的地震经历中,学到了更多跟防震有关的建筑知识。

On April 18, 1906, one of the strongest earthquakes ever recorded in North America struck San Francisco, California. The shaking of the earth was felt all the way from southern Oregon to Los Angeles and as far east as central Nevada. The quake formed a crack in the earth's surface around 290 miles long. The earthquake and the great fire that followed destroyed much of the city of San Francisco. An estimated 28,000 buildings were lost, about half the city's population was left homeless, and more than 3,000 people perished. There was not another huge earthquake in San Francisco until October 17, 1989. Have you heard about that one? The damage in 1989 was not as severe, because the 1906 quake caused engineers to learn more about making buildings "earthquake-proof."
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VIDEO CREDIT: [Production company unknown]. "Unidentified Staples & Charles. No. 1, San Francisco after the earthquake and fire of 1906." Circa 1906. Before and After the Great Earthquake and Fire: Early Films of San Francisco, 1897-1916, Library of Congress.