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为了更加了解冲突双方,洪堡郡 (Humboldt County)内的90位高中学生对伐木工、拥有小型土地的地主、木材公司的总裁、生物学家及环境保护运动者进行访问;他们的计划记载了伐木业的兴盛及加州北部海岸的环保运动、这个冲突如何影响当地社区及木材及森林的可能未来。

木材业对加州北部海岸的经济及自然生态影响深远,所以对学生而言,这是一个值得进行研究的议题;他们取得了木材及伐木业的第一手信息并了解联邦政府管理国家森林的方式;另外他们也知道这些积极的环境保护运动是如何改变政府管理国家森林的方式,更知道了1999年时,引发海德沃特森林 (Headwaters Forest)保护的事情全貌。

Can you think of an issue in your community where people feel so strongly that they take sides and protest? In northern California, there is a big timber industry, and the people who work in that industry often conflict with the people who want to keep the trees from being cut down -- the environmentalists.

In order to learn about both sides of the conflict, 90 high school students from Humboldt County interviewed loggers, a small landowner, timber company executives, a biologist, and environmental activists. Their project documents the logging boom and the environmental movement of the California north coast, how this conflict affects the local community, and what the future holds for timber and forests.

The timber industry has had a great influence on the economy and ecology of the northern California coast, so this was a good project for these students to study. They learned firsthand about the timber and logging industry and how the federal government manages the national forests. They also learned how environmental activism changed the way national forests are managed and the events that led to the preservation of the Headwaters Forest in 1999.

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