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Historic photo of mule riders

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据大峡谷骡业的经营者克莱顿(Ron Clayton)表示,在大峡谷内骑骡「跟在迪士尼乐园内骑小马是完全不同的两件事」,他专门为人安排高难度,但又令人满意的行程。离开大峡谷的南缘(South Rim)时,骑士可自两种行程中,择一进行:第一种是当天来回的旅程,沿着光明天使小径(Bright Angel Trail),向高原点(Plateau Point)前进,骡背上的旅客可以俯瞰科罗拉多河;第二种则是夜宿的旅程,终点站是幽灵牧场(Phantom Ranch),骑士们可以花一或两晚的时间,在大峡谷的底端进行探险。您 准备好要套上马鞍了吗?

Would you like to take a trip into the Grand Canyon? Then, hold on to your horses -- or better yet, your mule. That's right, mule. Mules are well suited for traversing the Grand Canyon. They are three times as strong as a horse, more sure-footed, intelligent, and trainable. They are known for having a stubborn nature, but this is due to their strong sense of self-preservation.

Riding into the canyon, "is not a pony ride at Disneyland," according to Ron Clayton, manager of the Grand Canyon Mule Operation. He prepares people who want to take the trip for a tough, yet satisfying, experience. Riders have a choice of two separate trips leaving the South Rim of the Canyon: the first is a one-day ride down Bright Angel Trail to Plateau Point, where the mule riders can look out over the Colorado River. The second is an overnight ride that ends at Phantom Ranch, where riders can spend one or two nights exploring the bottom of the Canyon. Are you ready to saddle up?

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