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Photo of family in historic clothing in front of house
站在玻意耳房屋(Boyle House1921)前的麦克高温(McGowan)夫妇:汤姆(Tom)及玛丽(Mary)


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夸保区(Quapaw Quarter)的春季巡屋行

?一些住在阿肯色州的小岩城居民如是认为。1961年时,新创的夸保区一字是一个特别的名词,指小岩城内最古老,也最具历史意义的地区; 创造「夸保」这个名字的人,借用了夸保族印地安人的族名,这个印地安族群曾定居于阿肯色州中部。夸保区协会成立于1968年,旨在保存、保护及改进这些座落在夸保区及阿肯色州中部地区,具历史意义的建筑物、景点及邻近社区。

18701920年间,夸保区内兴建了许多住家及教堂,但不幸的是,195060年代的郊区发展期间,许多建筑都遭到毁坏。当地的少数居民针对这些毁坏发出抗议,但抗议只收到一点成效,所以他们决定要创办一个活动,旨在让大家注意到这个城市特色所遭受到的巨大破坏,并带领大家参观这些房舍。其中一栋未遭毁坏的房屋是Villa Marre屋,夸保区协会拯救并修复了这栋房屋;这栋房屋是电视节目Designing Women的老家,后来也成为全国皆知的小岩城优质古迹的象征。虽然这个电视节目已经停拍,但仍会在电视上重播,重播时留心注意这栋屋子,它真的是非常的美丽。

Do you think it's important to save historic houses? Some people in Little Rock, Arkansas, do. In 1961 the name "Quapaw Quarter" was established to provide a special term for the oldest and most historic section of Little Rock. The creators of the name borrowed "Quapaw" from the Quapaw Indians, who once inhabited central Arkansas. The Quapaw Quarter Association was founded in 1968 to preserve, protect, and enhance the historic buildings, sites, and neighborhoods of Quapaw Quarter and central Arkansas.

Many homes and churches were built in the Quapaw Quarter from 1870 to 1920. Unfortunately, many of these structures were destroyed during the urban development of the 1950s and '60s. The few local residents who protested these demolitions met with little success. So they decided to establish an event that would focus attention on the great loss to the city's character and offer tours of these houses. One historic house that was not destroyed was the Villa Marre house, which was saved and restored by the Quapaw Quarter Association. This house was used in the TV show "Designing Women," and has become a nationally recognized symbol for the quality of Little Rock's historic resources. Although the show has been canceled, you can still see reruns. Pay special attention to the house. It's a beauty.

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