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Photo of banjo players at 1941 Folkways Festival
正在表演的音乐家:布雷尔(Albert Blair)、坎贝尔(Booth Campbell)及汉米尔敦朴Chester Hamilton)



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奥沙克山曾是一个与世隔絶的居住地区。座落在阿肯色州的北部地区,横跨伊利诺州、密苏里州及堪萨斯州的部分土地,奥沙克山的山区被森林所覆盖,而第一批住在这儿的族群是印地安人,绰号「峭壁居民」(bluff dweller),因为他们住在山中临时搭建的住所。 外来移民于1800年代抵达此处,自给自足,藉由耕种、狩猎及自由放养家畜来获取食物,因为这是一个遗世孤立的世界, 因而发展出一个独特的文化。

阿肯色州的民俗节一年举办一次,旨在庆祝常规的奥沙克文化,于四月的第三个周末,在阿肯色州的芒廷维尤(Mountain View)举行。庆祝活动的重点是游行、民俗音乐演奏会及工坊、打铁铺,节庆中还会示范如何制作各式工艺品,如:肥皂、扫帚、蜡烛、陶器、娃娃及玩具。

奥沙克地区的特色是区内有许多地下河流及温泉,观光业是该区的主要行业之一,怀特(Harold Bell Wright)的小说「山坡上的牧羊人」 (The Shepherd of the Hills (1907)),将奥沙克加以浪漫化,更促进了它的观光业发展。

The Ozark Mountains used to be an isolated place to live. Situated in northern Arkansas and parts of Illinois, Missouri, and Kansas, the Ozarks were covered by forests. The first people to live there were the Indians who were nicknamed "bluff dwellers" because they lived in the shelter of the mountains. The settlers who arrived in the 1800s were self-supporting, which means they grew their own food, hunted and raised free-range animals. Because it was isolated, a unique culture developed.

The Arkansas Folk Festival is an annual celebration of traditional Ozark culture, held the third weekend in April in Mountain View, Arkansas. Highlights are a parade, folk music concerts and workshops, a blacksmith shop, and demonstrations of such crafts as making soap, brooms, candles, pottery, dolls and toys.

The Ozark region is characterized by many underground streams and springs. Tourism is one of the region's chief industries and was given a boost by Harold Bell Wright's novel The Shepherd of the Hills (1907), which romanticized the Ozarks.

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