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Poster for Sixty Fourth Annual Duck Calling Contest


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阿肯色州的斯图加特(Stuttgart)则会在感恩节的那个礼拜,举办世界叫唤鸭 子锦标赛。超过60,000人会出席这个节庆,它也是该州境内最 早的庆祝活动;第一次的叫唤鸭子比赛是在1936年举办,当时只有17位参赛者,第一名的奖品是一件价值$6.60的狩猎外套。现在的竞赛分为六个项目,包括初级、中级及女性,而奖品总值超过$15,000。

叫唤鸭子的声音可分为四种基本类型;「hail call(招调用声)是一连串大声、充满恳求意味的嘎嘎声,用来吸引一大群鸭子的注意;一旦看到鸭子对呼喊声生成回应,也许是转弯或慢下来,就不要再呼喊它们。当鸭子越飞越近时,改用「greeting call(迎接叫声),它是一连串的兴奋鸭叫声,每次都连续五声;然后当鸭子够靠近时,您再使用「feed call(喂食叫声),适当的应用它,听起来就会像是一群位于水面上、刚吃饱的鸭子。假如鸭子要离开了,试着使用come-back call(召唤叫声),它有点类似greeting call,但声音更大、呼声更长且恳求意味更为浓厚;假如您的come-back call能让鸭子回头,则再回到feed call。以上这些鸭叫声也许听来容易,但其实不然,只要您试叫看看,就会了解了!

Most people think about turkey for Thanksgiving, but in Stuttgart, Arkansas, the World Championship Duck Calling Contest takes place Thanksgiving week. More than 60,000 people attend the festival, which is the oldest in the state. The first duck-calling contest, held in 1936, had 17 contestants, with the first prize of a hunting coat valued at $6.60. Today the contest is held in six divisions, including junior, intermediate, and women, and the prize package is worth more than $15,000.

There are four basic types of duck calls. The "hail call" is a series of loud, pleading quacks that attract a flock's attention. Once you see ducks react to the hail, either by turning or slowing down, stop hailing them. As the ducks get closer, switch to a "greeting call," a series of five excited quacks. Then you use the "feed call" when they get close. Done properly, it mimics a group of contented ducks on the water. If the ducks are leaving, try the "come-back call." It's similar to the greeting call, but with louder, longer, pleading quacks. If your come-back call makes the ducks turn around, go back to the feed call. All of this quacking may sound easy, but it isn't. Just try it and see!

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