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Photo of six planes flying in formation

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这些战斗机都是由飞行技术高超的驾驶员所操控,只有精英中的精英才能驾驶这些战机,进行表演。当雷鸟F-16战机、蓝天使F/A-18大黄蜂战斗机/攻击舰及雪雀CT-114导引舰从天空呼啸而过时,绝不允许任何错误发生,它们的飞行表演混合了团体的队形变化及个别的飞 行特技表演,有时错身而过的两架飞机,机身只间距几英吋。每个中队都有一套转圈、旋转、攀升及其他队形的飞行表演,而演出当下的飞行时速为1,000 mph

Have you ever been inside a fighter jet? Many cities have air shows in which different kinds of planes are flown and displayed, and if you go to one, you just might get the chance to see one of these jets up close.

Every year since 1955, the Little Rock Air Force Base has had an Air Show, where people can view U.S. Air Force aircraft, look into the cockpits of fighter jets, watch parachutists tumble from the sky, and see the aerial acrobatics of fighter jets, like the USAF Thunderbirds, the U.S. Navy Blue Angels, and the Canadian Air Force Snowbirds.

All of these fighter jets are flown by extremely skilled pilots -- only the best of the best. There is no room for error when the Thunderbirds F-16 fighter jets, the Blue Angels F/A-18 Hornet fighter/attack aircraft and the Snowbirds CT-114 Tutor aircraft scream across the sky. They all fly a mix of formation maneuvers and solo routines, sometimes flying just inches past each other. Each squadron has a set of loops, rolls, climbs and other maneuvers it performs going as fast as 1,000 mph.

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