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Photo of the statue Vulcan
位于圣路易斯的世界博览会上的火神 1904

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世上最大的铁铸雕塑火神像 (Vulcan) ,

你可能认为所谓的超级英雄是指像钢通用男人,但是你知道铁人吗?你曾经听过Vulcan吗? 他是一座比一栋五层楼的建筑物还高,有56英尺高的铁铸罗马火神像。

为了圣路易斯的世界博览会 (
St. Louis World's Fair) ,火神像于1904年雕 塑完成。由阿拉巴马州的伯明罕商业俱乐部 (The Commercial Club of Birmingham, Alabama) 授权雕塑此一雕像,好用来象征 该州在铁制造业中的领导地位。火神像不但是世上最大的铁铸雕像,而且它是美国第二大雕像-仅次于由铜和钢做成的自由女神像。

曾陈列于世界 博览会的矿物及冶金殿内 (Palace of Mines and Metallurgy) 。它的脚边则放有阿拉巴马州的原料和成品。他的右手握有一只矛头,而他的左手则紧抓一支与铁砧相连的锤。当 博览会退出后,火神像被拆开来以便送回伯明罕。但重组时,却有一只手臂未 被正确安装!加上之后数年的疏于照顾,火神像其中一只拇指已经生銹而且脱落。感谢最近的修 复,现在火神像又能再次骄傲地站在红山 (Red Mountain) 上

You might think a superhero is a man of steel but do you know a man of iron? Have you ever heard of Vulcan? Taller than a five-story building, he is a 56-foot cast iron statue of the Roman god of fire.

Vulcan was sculptured in 1904 for an exhibit at the St. Louis World's Fair. The Commercial Club of Birmingham, Alabama, commissioned the statue to symbolize the state's leadership in the production of iron. Not only is Vulcan the largest cast iron statue in the world, but it is also the second largest statue in America -- only the Statue of Liberty, made of copper and steel, is bigger.

Vulcan was exhibited at the Palace of Mines and Metallurgy at the World's Fair. At Vulcan's feet were exhibits of Alabama's raw materials and the products made from them. In his right hand he held a spear point, while his left hand gripped a hammer resting on an anvil. When the fair was over, Vulcan was taken apart and transported back to Birmingham, but when it was put back together the arms were installed incorrectly! And, after years of neglect, one of the thumbs rusted and fell off. Now, thanks to recent repairs, Vulcan once again stands proudly on Red Mountain.

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