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Photo of a man in a painted suit painting
威斯顿沙勒 (Winston-Salem, NC) 的"点点人"山姆麦克米勒

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肯塔克艺术节 (Kentuck Festival of Arts)

艺术对不同的人意谓不同的事物;对「点点人」山姆麦克米勒 (
Sam McMillan) 来说,艺术等于 - 你猜的没错 - 点。

如果你在十月来到阿拉巴马的北港 (Northport) , 则正好能参加肯塔克艺术节; 为期两天 的盛事里  有300 位享誉全国的艺术家和工艺师父 在此展售他们的作品。节庆开始后,节目 主要是由当地工匠负责示范,如:有一个女人示范如何使用纺织机来制做棉线。今日出席的一些当地艺术家有身着五彩缤纷衣帽的"点 点人"麦克米勒及利用电线和其他人的垃圾来制做雕塑品的"锡人"理卢卡斯 (Charlie Lucas) ; 还有杰瑞布朗 (Jerry Brown) ,他仍努力延续常规,制造南方特有的粗 陶器,此一家业已代代相传,长达九代。

当每个人赞美雕刻家、画家和工匠的艺术品时,Tuscaloosa交响乐团则提供了一个由 多种乐器组成的儿童爱畜动物园来娱乐小朋友。孩子们可以参与手做手工艺品的活动如:通过手指用力挤压黏土,或制做纸帽子及扎染衣服。

Art means different things to different people. For Sam "The Dot Man," art is all about -- you guessed it -- dots.

If you go to Northport, Alabama, in October you can catch the Kentuck Festival of the Arts. This two-day event features 300 nationally known artists and crafts people showing and selling their work. When it began, the festival included mainly local artisans, some of whom gave demonstrations, such as a woman who showed how to make thread out of cotton on a spinning wheel. Today some of these local artists include Sam "The Dot Man" McMillan in his colorful clothes and hat and Charlie "The Tin Man" Lucas, who makes sculpture from wire and other people's trash. There's also Jerry Brown, who continues an unbroken tradition of Southern stoneware pottery that has been in his family for nine generations.

A "petting zoo" of musical instruments from the Tuscaloosa Symphony provides other entertainment for kids while everyone admires the artwork of sculptors, painters and artisans. Children can participate in hands-on craft projects such as squishing clay between their fingers, or making paper hats or tie-dyed garments.

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