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1970年代 后期,人们聚集于雅典学院 (Athens College,现为雅典州立大学) 的创办者大厅 (Founders Hall) 外

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?如果您参加田纳西山谷的怀旧小提琴大会 (Tennessee Valley Old Time Fiddlers Convention) ,您就会听过,此集会每年都会举办小提琴超级冠军赛竞赛。

田纳西山谷大会的集会地点位在阿拉巴马州雅典市 (
Athens) 的雅典州立大学 (Athens State University) ,当地人腻称它为中南部的祖父级小提琴手大会 (Granddaddy of Midsouth Fiddlers Conventions) 。集会始于1967年,发源人是在田园风味浓厚的立姆史东郡 (Limestone County) 聚首的几位音乐家,他们决定 该是把小提琴自家中客厅搬上舞台的时候了。在当时,几乎每个星期都会有人举行方块舞派对,而小提琴手、吉他手及五弦琴琴手都会在家庭聚会或社交场所担任演奏。

时至今日,大会恢复常规,再次举办怀旧音乐竞赛。与赛者可角逐共15个项目的奬金,分别为数个小提琴及吉他项目、口琴、曼陀林、怀旧歌曲演唱、五弦琴及巴克舞 (buck dancing,一种美式踢踏舞配合非洲部落旋律的舞蹈)假如您在小提琴超级冠军赛竞赛中胜出,您就可成为"小提琴王"并带回一 项奖品及美金一千元的奬金。

Have you ever heard some good, old-fashioned fiddle music? You would if you went to the Tennessee Valley Old Time Fiddlers Convention, which holds a "fiddle-off" competition each year.

Nicknamed the "Granddaddy of Midsouth Fiddlers Conventions," the Tennessee Valley Convention is held at Athens State University in Athens, Alabama. The idea for a convention began in 1967 when a few musicians who were meeting in a rural Limestone County home decided it was time to bring fiddling out of the living room and onto the stage. Back then, square dances were held almost every week, and fiddlers, guitar and banjo players would play up a storm at homes and social events.

Today, the convention brings back the tradition of competition in old-time music. Contestants compete for prize money in 15 categories, including several fiddle and guitar categories, harmonica, mandolin, old-time singing, banjo, and buck dancing. If you win the "fiddle-off" competition, you are declared the "Fiddle King" and take home a trophy and $1,000.

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