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Photo of huskies pulling a sled
开跑当天,野径上的爱斯基摩犬  19983  

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1,000多哩长的比赛?而且沿途还包括了多变的气候、 并且持续9至20天曝露在零下的温度中,而且大部分的赛程都在伸手不见五指且看不见方向的暴风中进行!听起来很不可思议吗?但对那些参加阿拉斯加的迪塔罗德 越野狗橇赛的人来说,他们每年都是这么渡过的。

迪塔罗德(念做eye-DIT-a-rod)赛事被称做「世上最后的伟大竞赛」(the last great race on Earth),它的参赛队伍是由1216只狗组成的拉雪橇队,负责驾驶这支雪橇队的男人或女人则叫做「musher」。这个比赛于每年三月的第一个星期六开跑,赛程起自南部的安克拉治,终于西部临白令海的诺姆;这段赛程会带着musher翻山越领, 穿过浓密的森林,横渡冻结的河流及苔原。每年离开起跑线的musher5080人,但对大部分的musher而言,他们的主要目标只是跑完整段赛程。迪塔罗德赛事是人类及动物对抗大自然的终极测试。

Have you ever been in a race? How long was it?

How would you like to be in a race that is more than 1,000 miles long, involves treacherous climbs, and lasts for nine to 20 days in sub-zero temperatures, much of it in darkness and blinding winds? Sounds incredible? Well, that is what some people do every year in the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race in Alaska.

Called "the last great race on Earth," the Iditarod (pronounced eye-DIT-a-rod) consists of teams of 12 to 16 dogs pulling a sled driven by a man or woman, called a "musher." The race, which begins on the first Saturday every March, runs from Anchorage in the south to Nome on the western Bering Sea. The journey takes the mushers over mountains, through dense forests, and across frozen rivers and tundra. Each year 50 to 80 mushers leave the starting gate, and for many of them their main goal is just to complete the race. The Iditarod is the ultimate test of humans and animals against nature.

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