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Meet Amazing Americans 科学家与发明家 玛格利特米德 (Margaret Mead)
Black and white photo of a shadow puppet


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峇里岛的皮影戏 (Shadow Puppet)

(wayang) 吗?这是皮影戏的峇里名,而峇里岛是印尼共和国的其中一个岛屿;1936年时,玛格利特米德和她的丈夫葛瑞利贝特森 (Gregory Bateson) 来到峇里岛研究当地的人民及文化。米德相信将所见记录下来是很重要的一件事,所以她及贝特森拍摄了将近35,000张照片、录有许多影片及写下了一页接一页的笔记。身处现代社会,我们很习惯看到来自世界各地的东西,但1930年代时,大部分人都没看过像峇里这种地方;米德想要跟其他人一起分享的一样东西就是峇里人的皮影戏。您曾看过皮影戏吗?

Have you ever heard of wayang? It's the Balinese name for shadow puppet theater. Bali is one of the islands in the Republic of Indonesia. In 1936 Margaret Mead and her husband, Gregory Bateson, went there to study the people of Bali and their culture. Mead believed it was important to document what she saw, so she and Bateson took lots of photos, around 35,000, shot lots of movies, and wrote pages and pages of notes. Today we're used to seeing things from all over the world, but back in the 1930s most people hadn't seen places like Bali. One of the things that Mead wanted to share with others was Balinese shadow puppet theater. Have you ever seen a shadow puppet?
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