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Meet Amazing Americans 科学家与发明家 玛格利特米德 (Margaret Mead)
Page from a child's notebook with writing

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玛格利特学会如何观察事物并将眼睛看到的东西记录下来,就像她妈妈怀她的时候所做的事。玛格利特观察身边的每件事,如:大自然。但她对人特别感兴趣。玛格利特有两个妹妹:普莉西拉 (
Priscilla) 及伊莉莎白 (Elizabeth) ,她的祖母分派给她的功课就是观察她的两个妹妹并随时做笔记。玛格利特注意到即使还是个婴孩,她们也各自拥有不同的个性,这儿有一页玛格利特的笔记,看起来像是她的小妹妹普莉西拉饿了!

Education was important to the Mead family, but that didn't always mean going to school. Margaret's family thought it was wrong for children to have to sit at desks indoors all day long, so Margaret spent several years at home learning from her grandmother and the rest of the family, both indoors and outdoors.

Margaret learned how to observe things and write down what she saw, just as her mother had done with her. Margaret observed everything around her, including nature, but especially people. Margaret had two younger sisters, Priscilla and Elizabeth. Her grandmother assigned her to watch them and take notes. Margaret noticed that they had different personalities, even when they were babies. Here's a page from Margaret's notes. It sounds like her little sister, Priscilla, is hungry!

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