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Meet Amazing Americans 科学家与发明家 托马斯阿尔发爱迪生(Thomas Alva Edison)

A screen shot from 'Gordon Sisters Boxing.'

(Gordon Sisters Boxing)其中一幕

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这些疯女人是谁?她们正在做什么?您相信整个东海岸都在播放两姐妹的拳击表演吗?她们是戈登姐妹(Gordon Sisters):贝茜(Bessie)及米妮(Minnie),她们号称是第一对进行拳击演出的女性。电影刚开始时,人们对电影有强烈的需求,所以托马斯爱迪生的公司拍摄了各式各样的东西。这部姐妹互打的影片是摄于1901年。在爱迪生制造公司(Edison Manufacturing Company)有能力拍摄「戈登姐妹的拳击表演」(Gordon Sisters Boxing)及其他许许多多的作品前,爱迪生及其手下员工威廉狄克森(William Dickson)为了发明电影摄影机已经花费许多年的时间。

Who are these wild women and what are they doing? Would you believe they were two sisters in a boxing act that played all over the East coast? They were the Gordon Sisters, Bessie and Minnie, who claimed to be the first female boxing act. In the early years of motion pictures, there was such a demand for motion pictures that Thomas Edison's company filmed all sorts of things. This film of the sparring sisters was made in 1901. The Edison Manufacturing Company was able to shoot "Gordon Sisters Boxing" and many others only after Edison and his employee William Dickson had spent years inventing the motion picture camera.

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出处: Edison, Thomas A. Inc. "Gordon Sisters Boxing." Edison Manufacturing Co. May, 6 1901. The American Variety Stage: Vaudeville and Popular Entertainment, 1870-1920, Library of Congress.