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Meet Amazing Americans 美国总统 华盛顿  (George Washington)
George and Martha's wedding.

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玛莎的前夫是弗吉尼亚州的一位有钱的农场主人,名叫丹尼尔派克卡斯蒂斯 (Daniel Parke Custis) ,并在丹尼尔死前生下了两个小孩 。一个是昵称小杰的约翰,另一个则是昵称帕齐的玛莎;当华盛顿与玛莎结婚时,约翰及玛莎才各为六岁及四岁。婚后的华盛顿非常的喜爱他的过继子女并待他们如同自己的亲生小孩 。乔治及玛莎的婚姻生活十分愉快。其中有八年的时间,当华盛顿身在战场时,每个冬天,华盛顿夫人都会前去探望及陪伴她位于总部的丈夫。她尽其所能的鼓励士兵并决心 保持乐观的态度。您认为总统夫人还需具备那些重要特质?

Martha had been married to Daniel Parke Custis, a wealthy planter in Virginia, and they had two children together before Daniel died. John ("Jacky") was six and Martha ("Patsy") was four when George and Martha married. Washington was very fond of his stepchildren and treated them as his own. George and Martha had a happy marriage. For eight years, while he was at war, Mrs. Washington joined her husband at his headquarters every winter. She did everything she could to help encourage the soldiers and she was determined to keep a positive outlook. What other characteristics do you think were important for the wife of the president to have?

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