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Meet Amazing Americans 美国总统 林肯 (Abraham Lincoln)
Lincoln's 'business card' (front)
林肯的「名片」(business card)

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林肯的个性中,也有较不为他人所知的一面,就是他幽默感十足而且喜欢开玩笑。图片中的是林肯的「名片」 (business card) ,上面有源自于1864年的总统选举对手民主党对他开的玩笑。名片上说林肯将会回到伊利诺州的春田 (Springfield) ,继续他的律师执业,他将可以「交易马匹、运行法律、开玩笑、劈横木及完成其他的工作。」结果,真正笑出来的人是林肯及共和党员,因为他们赢了1864年的总统连任。您猜林肯还对那些事情开玩笑?

Lincoln is best known for his policies on abolishing slavery and his belief in self-government; he took his job as president very seriously. About the night he knew he'd won the election he later said, "I went home, but not to get much sleep, for I then felt as I never had before, the responsibility that was upon me."

Lincoln had another side to his personality; he had a good sense of humor and liked to make jokes. Here you can see Lincoln's "business card," a joke that the opposing Democratic party played on him during the 1864 presidential election. The card says that Lincoln will be returning to Springfield, Illinois, to his law practice, where he will be ready to "swap horses, dispense law, make jokes, split rails, and perform other matters." As it turned out, Lincoln and the Republicans had the last laugh on this joke because he won reelection as president in 1864. What other things do you think Lincoln joked about?

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