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Meet Amazing Americans 美国总统 杰弗逊 (Thomas Jefferson)
Jefferson's Recipe for vanilla ice cream

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杰弗逊最爱用来招待宾客的食物包括通心面、蛋白杏仁饼干、peach flambé (用桃子制成的食物,在食物浇上白兰地并于点燃后端出)及冰淇淋!在法国 期间,杰弗逊收集了许多法式食物的烹调方法,如:酱汁、水果塔、薯条、血肠、猪脚、兔肉及鸽子肉。他带回来的其中一份食谱从此以后就成为美国人的最爱:香草冰淇淋 。这是他蒙提萨罗家中最受欢迎的一道菜,而且这道食谱是由杰弗逊本人亲笔写下的,这张纸的背面则是搭配冰淇淋的 Savoy 饼干做法。您想成为杰弗逊晚宴中的宾客吗?

Some of Jefferson's favorite dishes to serve guests included macaroni, macaroons, peach flambé (flaming peaches), and ice cream! While in France, Jefferson collected many French recipes for things such as sauces, fruit tarts, french fries, blood sausages, pigs' feet, rabbit, and pigeon. One of the recipes he brought home has since become an American favorite: vanilla ice cream. This was one of the most popular dishes at his home in Monticello, and this recipe was written by Jefferson himself. On the back is his recipe for Savoy cookies to go along with the ice cream. Would you like to have been a guest at one of Jefferson's dinners?

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