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Meet Amazing Americans 领袖与政治人物 波卡洪塔斯 (Pocahontas)
Pocahontas is baptized

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波卡洪塔斯的父亲因拒付赎金,使她被英国人当人质囚禁一年之久。但这位印地安公主深受俘虏者的喜爱及尊敬,因此备受礼待。在那段时间,殖民说服她改信基督教,她受洗成为「蕾贝卡」 (Rebecca) 。1614 年的 4 月,波卡洪塔斯嫁给殖民罗尔夫。这段婚姻有助于退出波瓦坦人及殖民之间的战争。她是两种族间的和平统一象征。英国人也希望她的改信基督教能有助于说服所有族人一起改信基督教。您知道波卡洪塔斯接下来还做了那些事吗?

Her father refused to pay the ransom, and Pocahontas was held hostage by the English for a year. But the Indian princess was well liked and respected by her captors, and she was well treated. During that time, the colonists convinced her to convert to Christianity, and she was baptized with the name "Rebecca." In April 1614, Pocahontas married colonist John Rolfe. The marriage helped end the war between the Powhatans and the settlers. She was a symbol of peace and union between the two races. The English also hoped that her conversion to Christianity would help persuade all her people to do the same. Do you know what Pocahontas did next?

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