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Meet Amazing Americans 领袖与政治人物 马歇尔 (George Catlett Marshall)
Photograph of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.
(Franklin Delano Roosevelt)

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马歇尔及D-Day (进攻欧洲日)

一年多来,马歇尔跟他手下的将领秘密规划着盟军进攻法国计画。大君主作战将会成为战争的转捩点。带领这次的作战计画将是个无上的光荣!当指派作战司令官的时刻来临时,罗斯福总统 (Franklin Delano Roosevelt) 把马歇尔叫到他的办公室并准备 奖赏马歇尔在华盛顿的长期服务。他问马歇尔是否希望接受此一职务,您认为马歇尔的回答是什么?

For more than a year, Marshall and his generals had been planning the secret Allied invasion of France. Operation Overlord would be the turning point of the war. What an honor it would be to lead it! When the time came to choose the commander, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt called Marshall into his office. Roosevelt was ready to reward Marshall for his long service in Washington. He asked Marshall if he wanted the job. What do you think Marshall said?

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