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Meet Amazing Americans 领袖与政治人物 卡米哈米哈一世 (King Kamehameha I)
Photo of Queen Liliuokalani sitting
(Queen Liliuokalani)

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接在男孩国王后面的另外两位国王分别是卡米哈米哈四世及五世 (Kamehameha IV and V) ,而他们后面的两位继任者则分属其他的王室成员,非卡米哈米哈的家族成员。夏威夷的最后一位皇室统治者是利留卡拉尼女王 (Queen Liliuokalani) ,她死于1917年。1898年,美国取得夏威夷,然后在1959年时,它正式成为美国的第50州。

For the first seven years of his rule, most of Kamehameha III's duties as King were carried out by his father's wife, Kaahumanu. Once Kaahumanu died, in 1832, Kamehameha III went on to rule until 1854. He Hawaii's first written constitution in 1840.

Two other kings, called Kamehameha IV and V, succeeded the boy king, followed by two other royal rulers who were not part of the Kamehameha family. The last royal ruler of Hawaii was Queen Liliuokalani, who died in 1917. In 1898, the United States acquired Hawaii, and in 1959 it became the 50th state.

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