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Meet Amazing Americans 领袖与政治人物 布莱安 (William Jennings Bryan)
Photo of President Wilson's 1913 Cabinet
威尔逊总统 (Woodrow Wilson) 1913 年的内阁人选(自左侧算起的第二人即为布莱安)

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威廉.詹宁斯.布莱安是个依其原则而行的人。他不怕因为议题的立场不同而成为不受欢迎的一方。尽管他曾经输掉三次总统大选,但他仍于 1913 年担任伍德洛.威尔逊总统 (Woodrow Wilson) 内阁的国务卿职位。身为一个追求和平的人,他与 30 个国家磋商条约,使对方同意在与其他国家有所争执时,能先调查争执原因,而非直接开战。虽然布莱恩无法让事情都按他的想法走,但他始终能坚定信念。

William Jennings Bryan was a man who lived by his principles. He was not afraid to take an unpopular stand on an issue. Although Bryan lost three presidential elections, he did become secretary of state in President Woodrow Wilson's administration in 1913. As a peacemaker, he negotiated treaties with 30 nations in which they agreed to investigate all disputes with other nations rather than go to war. Although Bryan did not always get his way, he remained firm in what he believed in.

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