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Meet Amazing Americans 企业家事业创办者 安德鲁卡内基 (Andrew Carnegie)
Poster for an 1900 play showing a poor father and his son

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帮助那些比自己贫穷的人,即是安德鲁从他父亲身上学到的价值观。卡内基的爸爸威尔卡内基 (Will Carnegie) 在苏格兰时,是英国劳工阶级运动的一份子。这个运动旨在为劳工争取较佳的工作环境。威尔卡内基是一个织布工,但当他无法在美国查找工作时,他曾试着自己生产及贩售布料。他在安德鲁20岁时去世,享年51岁。他过世后,安德鲁就成为家中负责负担生计的人。在这种情况下,您认为卡内基会自母亲处承袭何种价值观?

All kids learn from their parents. And, as a child, Andrew Carnegie learned values from both of his parents. But their values were very different and often in conflict.

From his father, Andrew learned the value of helping those who are less fortunate. Carnegie's father, Will Carnegie, was part of a British working class movement in Scotland, which believed in making conditions better for the working man. Will Carnegie was a weaver but when he was unable to find work in America he tried to produce and sell his own cloth. He died at the age of 51 when Andrew was 20 years old and the only breadwinner for the family. Given these circumstances, what kind of values do you think Carnegie learned from his mother?

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